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Retro Print

High-quality brushes in retro style!
 Can be used to create a retro background
Very subtly convey a retro mood!

My Brushes(part 3) | Views: 2181 | Downloads: 1168 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 04.07.2009

Ancient Frescoes and Engravings

The perfect set of brushes!

All the highest quality brushes!

Artists will appreciate these brushes!
Nice set!

My Brushes(part 3) | Views: 1792 | Downloads: 935 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 04.07.2009

Only for Baby
Beautiful set of brushes!
With them, you can create a children's room design, baby album, and much more!

My Brushes(part 3) | Views: 4121 | Downloads: 2384 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 04.07.2009

Beautiful set of brushes "The Alphabet and Numbers"

Very interesting letters and numbers and pictures to them

My Brushes(part 3) | Views: 1828 | Downloads: 850 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 06.07.2009

Aperitifs and Ice Cream for Dessert
Mega Set of vector brushes!

Lots of wine, whiskey, soda, drinks,ice cream  and sweets!


 But remember: the sweetness and alcohol in large doses it is harmful to your health and reputation!

My Brushes(part 3) | Views: 2367 | Downloads: 1248 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 09.07.2009

A Midsummer Night's Dream
Patterned Brushes and Shapes
High quality

Create a unique composition using patterned brushes and shapes!

*****Patterned Shapes can be downloaded directly from the server(ZIP file)

My Brushes(part 3) | Views: 2035 | Downloads: 1012 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 11.07.2009

Grunge Splash Backgrounds

Universal brushes- backgrounds!
Can be used as a stand alone canvas!
You can apply to your painting ! 
Many variants!
Include imagination!

My Brushes(part 3) | Views: 2251 | Downloads: 869 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 11.07.2009

Grunge Dark Decadence    
Excellent background brushes to create paintings in the style of Dark Decadence!
Ragged edges of wallpaper on the walls, the dark stains from tobacco smoke ...
Traces of bygone pleasures thirst, carefree and indifferent mid-19 century...Decadence...

Dip in the Age of Decadence with my brushes!

My Brushes(part 3) | Views: 1898 | Downloads: 839 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 13.07.2009

Coffee and Tea

Beautiful set of vector brushes for coffee and tea theme!

My Brushes(part 3) | Views: 2076 | Downloads: 970 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 14.07.2009

Texture Backgrounds for your web album

In the Present- Framework for image(2xJPG HR)

Set to create a photo album

You can use these brushes as backgrounds or textures!
You can put brush to canvas and get a background!
Draw with pleasure!

My Brushes(part 3) | Views: 1684 | Downloads: 665 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 17.07.2009

Hot Summer

Summer Assorted
Mix set of quality brushes for a summer theme!

My Brushes(part 3) | Views: 2816 | Downloads: 1179 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 19.07.2009

Japanese Illustrations

Beautiful vector brushes!
 Highest quality!

My Brushes(part 3) | Views: 1730 | Downloads: 761 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 19.07.2009

Ancient Maps

A Set of Very High Quality Brushes
in the form of Old Topographic Maps

My Brushes(part 3) | Views: 1786 | Downloads: 898 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 04.08.2009

Cinema Studio

A Set of High Quality Brushes


My Brushes(part 3) | Views: 2135 | Downloads: 936 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 06.08.2009

Fruit Citrus Mix Salad

Refreshing Mix Set of Brushes!

The Bright Summer
 Fruit and  Citrus Salad

My Brushes(part 3) | Views: 2082 | Downloads: 866 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 07.08.2009

Shapes&Brushes Mix

Mix Set of Brushes and Shapes
 to assist in creating collages, albums,
web design ...

Qualitative and unusual Mix Set!

Click on the picture and see details

My Brushes(part 3) | Views: 1982 | Downloads: 653 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 10.08.2009

Gentlest Backgrounds

A Set of Amazing Brushes

My Brushes(part 3) | Views: 1793 | Downloads: 933 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 04.09.2009


A Set of Photoshop Brushes
Birds, flowers and other modern designs

My Brushes(part 3) | Views: 1328 | Downloads: 575 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 01.10.2009

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