Using Brushes for Commercial Use

Using Brushes for Commercial Use

If you would like to use my brushes for commercial use it is on donation basis right now.
Please click on the donate button on DiArtBrushStudio and make the following donations for commercial use.
I will get an e-mail once you donate. Once you make the donation you are free to use them commercially.

Commercial Prices for Brushes

1 Brush pack- $ 5.00USD
10 Brush packs- $25.00USD
25 Brush packs- $50.00USD
50 Brush packs- $75.00USD

 At your request, I created a special page where
you can pay through PayPal using any major credit card
without having a PayPal account.
 If you already have a PayPal account,
you can also pay through your bank account,
or using your PayPal balance.

Please click here

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Contact ME

Please do NOT upload
.abr or .zip files
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You may add a link
to my site

with image of my work.
Thank You!

Want to use for
commercial work?
Please send me a note
with information
about how you want
use my brushes.

All Brushes,Shapes,Images

provided under a

Creative Commons License

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intense mode

of individualism

that the world

has known.

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