WELCOME to DiArtStudio!

Dear friends ,

I am afraid, that it is now time to say good-bye and thank you very much.
During the last 2 years I have made more than 500 freebies and had approx. 1 million downloads,
so that is pretty amazing.

I have been in contact with people from all over the world,
and I have learned so much during this whole journey into the digital world.
I have had a wonderful time making freebies,
and I got a few very good friends too, so I feel really blessed and privileged.

Thanks so much to all my faithful readers for your memorable comments and e-mails,
I have enjoyed reading them all.
You fabulous ladies (and a few good men) really rock, and made it all worth while.
Thanks also for all the awards, links, articles and stuff, I really appreciate that.

I will keep all the freebie links available for quite a long time ahead,
but eventually they will be deleted, so make sure to download while you can.
In the future I will only maintain the more "private" parts of our webpage,
but you are of course still welcome to stop by now and again, just don't expect any more freebies..........

So, thank you again and bye for now,
I really have to earn a little money...
and I waiting for you on my commercial site DiArtBrushStudio!

But a little freebie is available here

And I have a lot of new products for you this week!


Thanks,Marina Pogrebinsky{Diamara}

My Digital Art Work

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