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Valentine's Alpha

    Brush Set

Here's a nice set.
This alpha set contains the whole upper
and lowercase alphabets
as well as the numbers 0-9
in ABR. format

A lovely alpha set,
perfect for any valentine
or romantic project.

Exclusive Collection | Views: 1375 | Downloads: 474 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 15.01.2010


A set of PS Brushes
Very beautiful set for
connoisseurs of elegance...

Exclusive Collection | Views: 1205 | Downloads: 612 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 18.01.2010

On the Edge Spring

A set of PS brushes

Accent the Edge of a paper
or photo with these 7
UNIQUE,branched and
flourished corner
edges brushes

Spring is Coming....

Exclusive Collection | Views: 2272 | Downloads: 1399 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 22.02.2010

This time of spring...
A set of PS brushes

Exclusive Collection | Views: 1209 | Downloads: 616 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 03.03.2010

Spring Fantasy
  a set of PS brushes

Exclusive Collection | Views: 1482 | Downloads: 880 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 09.03.2010

A Touch of Retro...
Comic Book style...

A set of PS (seamless) patterns (.pat) and PS styles (.asl)
  "a la"Comic Book...

Photoshop Patterns by DiaMara | Views: 1572 | Downloads: 654 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 25.03.2010


A Set of PS Brushes
(only .abr)

Exclusive Collection | Views: 1692 | Downloads: 845 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 27.03.2010

(png.) only

Exclusive Collection | Views: 1345 | Downloads: 573 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 27.03.2010


A collection of 7 PhotoGlows PS Brushes

Place them so that they peek out from behind a photo, photo clipped to a Photo or an image; use just part of the transfer or as a whole; place at the edge of a page; use as an accent on which you can type your journaling or add additional brushwork; recolor to a super-bright or pastel color and/or alter the opacity/blending mode of the PhotoGlow; use as a clipping mask and/or resize and define your own brushes.

Exclusive Collection | Views: 1276 | Downloads: 696 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 11.04.2010

Vintage Patterned Elements

A set of PS Brushes

Exclusive Collection | Views: 3274 | Downloads: 2278 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 13.04.2010

Basic Template Brush Set

6 large PS Brushes
 for clipping to papers
or stamping with color.

Try rotating the brush-template
in different directions, add your own embellishments
to create a layout with your own unique touches.
The basic template of the design
is already in place for you.

Exclusive Collection | Views: 1842 | Downloads: 787 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 16.04.2010

Water Pop Drops...

A double set of PS brushes in the graphic pop style.

The perfect accompaniment to any page
or to stamp under a photo and 'peek' out!

Exclusive Collection | Views: 2735 | Downloads: 1524 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 01.05.2010

Summer Surround

15 large PS brushes with vector images
 in a summertime, beach,
outdoors and camping themes...

Exclusive Collection | Views: 2011 | Downloads: 1175 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 19.05.2010

A collection of 8 realistic water drops
to embellish your pages
delivered in .abr and .png formats.

!Note this set works best over lighter colored patterned or solid papers!

Exclusive Collection | Views: 3171 | Downloads: 1496 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 16.06.2010

Doorways...Portal ART...

A set of High Resolution
unique artistic PS Brushes

Exclusive Collection | Views: 1663 | Downloads: 632 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 15.07.2010

Set of Art Brushes

Custom Brushes for Photoshop | Views: 916 | Downloads: 402 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 31.05.2009

Patterns & Borders Brushes
The original stylish high-quality brushes!

Beautiful and unique!

(the  file size 15 MB, but when you open a 32MB)

You will be satisfied!
(in a word,    
without false modesty, a miracle!)

Custom Brushes for Photoshop | Views: 928 | Downloads: 486 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 09.06.2009

Infernal Watercolor

I think, the comments are not needed...

Advice to make Mystical effect:
***Set brushes for transparency 40-50%
***Specify in your brushes mode "wet edge"

Custom Brushes for Photoshop | Views: 683 | Downloads: 328 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 11.06.2009

Tissue Paper ribbons
Texture Photoshop Brushes

Custom Brushes for Photoshop | Views: 969 | Downloads: 331 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 30.05.2009

Old decoration paper 
Texture brushes to make vintage style when creating images

Custom Brushes for Photoshop | Views: 651 | Downloads: 288 | Added by: Diamara | Date: 30.05.2009

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